To be secure in business requires network, systems and infrastructure need to retain confidentiality, integrity and availability with endpoints, databases, servers, networks, and the data that you use on a daily basis, protected from unauthorized access, manipulation, destruction or compromise.

With modern technology and sophisticated infiltration techniques, hackers can target companies with almost zero overhead, simultaneously, remotely, regardless of size or location. Additionally, security is not just required to guard against outside threats. With the advent of remote working, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and the adoption of cloud services, threats can also initiate inside the organization or within your vendor environment. With limited budgets and evermore sophisticated threats, SolEx offers a suite of security products and consultancy services to protect your business, educate your employees, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Strategy and Risk Services

  • Strategy & Risk Compliance
  • Vulnerability and Threat Management
  • Advisory and Threat Collaboration

Network Security Services

  • Assessments and Planning
  • Trusted Internet Access
  • Infrastructure & Application Protection
  • Private Internet Solutions

Endpoint Security & Identity Services

  • Assessments & Planning
  • Endpoint & Mobile Security
  • Fraud Prevention Solutions

Threat Detection and Response

  • Assessment & Planning
  • Threat Management Solutions

Consultancy Services

  • Risk Based Cyber Posture Assessment
  • Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
  • Incident Response Retainer (Bronze/Silver/Gold) – Domestic & Global
  • Managed Vulnerability Program
  • Cybersecurity Architect
  • Penetration Testing