For over 30 years SolEx has been providing best in class, forward thinking solutions to enterprise clients via its 100% partner based distribution channel. Delivering multi-vendor, multi-location customized Voice, Data and IT solutions that meet the needs of today and the trends of tomorrow, New York based SolEx, a technology-centric private, multi-generational company with sterling customer service at its core and some of the highest retention rates in the industry, serves both governments, specific industry sectors, and some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the USA and around the globe.

Our deployments can run from a simple Direct Internet Access (DIA) installation, all the way up to creating a secure all-encompassing state-of-the-art hybrid cloud environment suitable for a multi-locational global business. SolEx can design solutions to optimize our services alongside critical business operations in the following industry sectors.

Retail • Education • Government • Healthcare • Finance • Hospitality


As telecommunications veterans with over three decades of experience navigating numerous disruptive technologies, and evaluating the countless pioneering providers that have shaken up the business communications landscape, we understand that no single provider delivers excellence across the entire sphere of communications and IT needs.

Consequentially, as a communications integrator, customers work with SolEx because of our tenured relationships with best in class providers, coupled with our skills, knowledge, expertise and dedication to service excellence, which enable us to weave together the best of the best, in order to deliver customized, cost effective, appropriate solutions, that deliver advantages for today and tomorrow.


At SolEx our mission is to help businesses to thrive by delivering superior leading edge, integrated multi-vendor, multi-location solutions, customized to the current and anticipated needs of individual clients. We achieve this through selecting the best products from the best suppliers and coupling them with some of the most dedicated knowledgeable, skilled, and customer-centric workforce in the industry, to deliver solutions that truly delight and exceed expectations. At SolEx it’s not about us, we make it about our customers. When working with SolEx you can expect to receive the following:

  • Custom solutions tailored to your current and future needs.
    • Our tenured industry experts continue to maintain and forge relationships with the top providers to ensure that we can provide the best business solutions for today and tomorrow. And while keeping one eye on the future they draw on their knowledge, experience, and trusted vendor relationships, leaving no stone un-turned, to craft and present the individual solution that is best for your specific business.
  • Project Management of your Implementation.
    • When you agree to work with SolEx you are placing your trust in us. A trust that what you are expecting, will actually be delivered. Our project managers are the guardians of your trust. They work diligently and professionally to ensure that your expectations are met and the services to which you subscribe are delivered timely, professionally and fully in accordance with your stated wishes.
  • User-focused business-centric billing.
    • Developed with the same attention to detail as the products we sell, our solution driven mindset, and the extent of customization we have permitted, makes our invoice a tool that can be used for all types of business making decisions. While simple in format and comprehension, the ability to code a customer’s General Ledger account numbers into the invoice allows for the Accounts Payable and Finance teams to have an easier integration of the invoice into their systems for easy and accurate accrual of expenditures. With the ability to integrate hundreds of different vendors into one bill image, the added features of usage reports, location summaries, tax segregation, and a portal for all clients to easily retrieve invoices and remit payment, Telecom is not the only product that SolEx offers, the invoice that the customer receives truly is a product unto itself.
  • One team supporting you all the way.
    • Our success is dependent on your satisfaction of working with us. The team at SolEx is committed to the satisfaction of all parties with which we interact, be they customer, partner or supplier. We know that success can only be claimed when all parties are working harmoniously together and for us that means keeping things simple, treating you as a priority and delivering on our promise. Time is the most valuable commodity we have, so let’s not waste it. We give you one number to call, we listen to your concerns and we get back to you with the answers you need, when you need them, so you are free to get on with life. Our leadership team meets on a weekly basis to ensure that we continue to evolve our people, products and processes in a manner that always puts our customers first. If you need us for anything, simply contact us 24/7/365, and we will do the rest.
  • Issue escalation to founder and CEO.
    • Despite all our best efforts, problems will occur. But it’s how you deal with them that shows the true character of a business and the value it places on the satisfaction of its customers. At SolEx your satisfaction is paramount and for that reason if problems occur, you are free to escalate as appropriate to our founder and CEO for resolution.


The SolEx leadership team spans family generations and reaches all the way back to the days of divestiture and deregulation. Our CEO was up front in the initial fight for end users to choose their providers and a founding member of the Telecommunications Resellers Association, evolving the methods by which telecommunications companies would work together for the greater good. Today our leadership team reflects a mix of both industry veterans, with several decades of deep telecommunications and IT expertise, and talented individuals managing our key back office functions to ensure that our ongoing investments deliver the best possible levels of service, support and experience for both our customers and channel partners.

Tom McCrosson - Founder, Owner & CEO

Following a successful career in strategic global shipping, tourism and logistics throughout the Middle East and Africa, Tom McCrosson entered telecommunications at the time of divestiture and deregulation. Cutting his teeth initially with Allnet, he rapidly attained #1 sales position in the company and was soon being sought after by others for his dedication, passion and ability to achieve sustained business results. After being recruited to MCI in the early 80’s, he quickly rose through the ranks running huge segments of the MCI business including Government, Education and Medical markets, and being responsible for premier strategic customers such as Nasdaq and the entire GE capital portfolio. A frequent top achiever, McCrosson was one of the few who enjoyed consecutive multiyear presence at the prestigious MCI chairman’s inner circle club and as his regard within the company grew, McCrossin found himself increasingly becoming a pivotal influence in the companies strategic initiatives, culminating in his appointment to the mayors taskforce for energy and telecommunications and becoming responsible for the design, draft and execution of the Telecommunications Recovery Act for the city of New York.

Recognizing the opportunities presented as the industry matured, Tom formally created the roots of SolEx in the early 2000s and since that time has stayed true to his vision of delivering quality communications and championing the needs of his clients. With a hands-on approach and a stalwart champion of innovation, Tom continues to lead his team of trusted suppliers and industry veterans to deliver boutique innovative customer solutions and sterling customer service to delight and retain his base of global clients.

Thomas B. McCrosson – Financial Controller and Vendor Relations

With graduate degrees from both Holy Cross MA. and Fordham Universities, Tom Jr. is responsible for the financial well-being of the business and maintaining and enhancing the relationships with our numerous vendors. With tenured accounting and administrative skills coupled with an analytical eye for process efficiency, Tom brings decades of financial telecommunications sector experience to the team. Highly detailed oriented and a stickler for precision and accuracy, Tom is a sports buff and trivia fanatic, having secured his first live television slot on a sports trivia quiz at age 11.

Michael F. McCrosson – Vice President of Sales, Agent Channel

Graduating from Georgetown University Washington DC, Michael (Mike) brings a special blend of account management, public relations and specific industry expertise to our team. Starting at entry level within telecom after cutting his teeth in the healthcare sector of the advertising and PR industry, Mike has both first-hand knowledge of all aspects of the intricacies of the telecommunications fulfillment, delivery and support process, and a discerning eye for market trends and evolving products and technologies. A keen sportsman, Mike spends much of his free time coaching flag football and baseball.

David Luther – Vice President, Agent Channel

An avid tennis player and serious sports fan, David Luther is a true telecom veteran. With a computer science degree from Washington University and over 30 years of hands-on experience David is a seasoned technical channel manager who has previously attained national recognition throughout the industry for his diligence and dedication to the channel. Having joined SolEx at its inception, David brings a depth of knowledge, wisdom and continuity to the SolEx customer and partner experience