Communication and collaboration are essential to doing effective business. The ability to collectively work to make decisions, solve problems and share ideas, is an essential ingredient in ensuring a company evolves, grows, and thrives in what has become a highly competitive and dynamic marketplace.

Hosted PBX

  • CapEx-free enterprise grade communications solution
  • Powerful, scale-able with the latest innovative features
  • Cloud based & fully redundant
  • Feature-rich capabilities combined with industry leading endpoints
  • Integrates with business applications such as MS Outlook and Salesforce.
  • Mobile client support permits integration and collaboration regardless of locations

SIP Trunking

  • Cost effective dynamically configurable alternative to expensive PRI trunks and lines
  • Deployed over your existing IP network or bundled with a SolEx networking solution
  • Offered either as a static fixed calling capacity or dynamically configurable
  • Available as either native SIP, PRI or Analog hand-off
  • SIP trunking portal permits on-the-fly routing and pre-planned contingency
  • Ability to burst beyond your purchased session
  • Demonstration platform available

PRI Replacement

  • Cost-effective alternative for customers utilizing traditional LEC PRI circuits
  • Permits standardized pricing regardless of location
  • Up to 23 fully featured call paths, each including CNAM, E911, 10 digit DNIS, International dialing & Free domestic calling

POTS Replacement

  • Cost-effective choice for fax, alarms, elevators, and small branch or retail locations.
  • Provides an alternative for customers utilizing Copper POTs
  • Provides a copper hand-off to legacy equipment and full multi-technology backup and support in the case of power failure or outage.

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Virtual Fax

  • Scaleable, Secure, Maintenance free
  • Provides faxing at the desktop – eliminates the need for traditional fax machines
  • Desktops or mobile client available
  • Multi-level encryption/security system facilitating HIPAA compliance


  • Provides businesses the ability for customers and prospects to contact them at no charge.
  • Available domestically throughout the US and Canada
  • “Vanity” numbers available
  • Also available from select countries via the SolEx International Toll Free Service


  • Stand-alone and fully integrated voice, data and desktop sharing conferencing solutions
  • Feature rich including Roll-call, Present, Background Chat, Switch Control, Record, etc.


  • Fully Redundant cloud-based platform delivering advanced communications functions
  • Scaleable, Op-Ex based, negating the need for internal IT skills.
  • Desktop clients and thin browser clients
  • Communications Enabled Applications
  • 24/7/365 support infrastructure

Contact Center

  • Purpose-built Geo-redundant cloud-based Call Center solution
  • Op-Ex based, requiring no expensive hardware or software
  • Support teams of home workers, offsite employees, and staff at multiple branches
  • Operates as an effective single unit regardless of geographic location.
  • Sophisticated Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality ensuring effective call treatment
  • Customization to meet your specific needs
  • Offered on a Pay as you Go basis