Come and Join Us!

With no direct sales force, everything we have achieved over our multi-decade history has been a result of working in partnership with our agents. Treating each other with respect, following through on commitments, recognizing every day, that our channel partners have a choice regarding who they work with, and that we in-turn have to continuously deliver in order for them to continue to choose to work with us. Our “partner-only” sales model includes business-friendly features such as customized invoicing, creative commission and buy-rate structures, no revenue commitments and select commission-advance options designed to help partners develop or expand an operation. Additionally our five-stage, continuous-cycle partner enablement model is a continuous cycle, designed to allow agents to stay engaged with customers over the long term, and to grow their business rapidly. With all the above benefits, plus access to over 200 vendors, one number to call and everything on one invoice, we hope you decide to join us!

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